Raidtests auf dem PTR

Tomorrow, we will be testing two Blackrock Foundry Mythic encounters: Gruul and Hans’gar/Franzok. After testing of those two encounters concludes, we will open up the Slagworks wing in Raid Finder over the weekend. That should conclude our 6.1 Foundry testing – the raid zone is a 6.0.3 feature and will be opening on live servers next week, but testing it in the 6.1 PTR allows us to get some useful tuning data and gets players onto the PTR to test other features as well as the overall stability of the 6.1 patch.

  • Friday, January 30
    • Gruul – Mythic Foundry – 22:30 CET
    • Hans’gar & Franzok – Mythic Foundry – 24:00 CET