Blood Legion goes Casual

blood legion

Blood Legion existiert seit dem Start von World of Warcrat. Doch alles hat einmal ein Ende. Blood Legion verabschiedet sich aus dem Progressrennen. Riggs schreib dazu: Wir hatten immer schon einen kleinen Spielerkader wenn es ums Raiden ging. Wenn Probleme im echten Leben eintreten oder anderen Spielern der nötige Ehrgeiz fehlt um die viele Stunden und Twinks zu investieren.. war klar, dass wir den Weg der Gilde verändern mussten. Wir werden jedoch weiter spielen bis die Server geschlossen werden!

Blood Legion steht aktuell bei 9/10 Mythic Kills auf Platz 12 international.

Riggs: Now that the dust has settled a bit, I decided to take the time and write a news post to keep everyone in the loop.

Blood Legion has been around since the launch of WoW, and has always been at the top of the PvE scene. Since 2011, we’ve been pushing the envelope and putting in countless hours of preparation towards competing for World Firsts.

Over the years, many people of the guild have gotten married, some have had children, others have moved on to new jobs/schools, and all of the other things that life throws our way.

We have always had a very small roster when it comes to raiding, and when these life issues come into play, along with others having less of a desire to push the insane hours, number of alts, etc., it became very clear that we needed to cut back on the hours and change the direction of the guild.

Our part in the race to World First has ended. We may enter the fray once again down the road. Blood Legion has been an active guild and part of the Illidan community since day 1. We will continue to do so until the day they close down the server. Thank you to everyone who supported our quest to win. We appreciate every one of you. And to all former, present, and future Blood Legion members. May you always remember what this guild did for you and what you did for this guild.

Thanks Again.