Was hilft gegen sinkende Abozahlen?

Ein Shopmount! So dachten es sich zumindest einige Spieler.

Daelnorth: This is !@#$ing disgusting. Another stupidly over priced mount after Blizzard announced their sub losses. Everyone knew that as soon as you announced the loss you would put the mount up. This is %^-*ing disgusting. Money greeding bastards who are clearly not listening or responding to the player base except when responding to a stupid advertisement on the launcher.

Bashiok: A lot of people have been excited for the mount since it was originally datamined in the 6.1 files back in February, and we actually get pretty regular questions on when it’ll arrive. Originally it was planned to release much earlier but we decided to wait as it’d potentially add some complexities while we’re still trying to launch the WoW Token in all regions (Korea and Taiwan had the WoW Token launch yesterday, for example). So the next available release timeframe was next week, and that’s what we with.

Der Zeitpunkt ist wahrlich ungünstig gewählt aber schick sieht der Mystischer Runensäbler trotzdem aus. In den Shop kommt das gute Stück am 13. Mai.

Mystischer Runensäbler fluganimation

Mystischer Runensäbler