Hotfix: Fluggestallt und Lodernde Schwingen

Es gab einen kleinen Bug bei den Druiden und ihrer Fluggestallt. Hat man die Lodernde Schwingen genutzt und ist in die Fluggestalt gegangen, waren die Feuer-Flügel danach weg.

There were some issues with certain cosmetic effects, such as Blazing Wings, attaching to shapeshift forms incorrectly (e.g. backwards, upside-down, etc). We had to disable them temporarily, but we’ve isolated the issues causing the bug, and should have it fixed for the next major patch. We think a feral Druid with fiery wings is going to look pretty sweet too.

Longer-term, we’re working on a way to allow cosmetic toys that completely take over your character (such as Smite’s Brass Compass or Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors) to work with shapeshift forms as well. I don’t have details to share on exactly how that’s going to work yet, but we’re working on a solution that will allow everyone to enjoy their toys, without hurting gameplay for other players (such as being able to recognize when a Druid is in Cat form and thus unable to be Polymorphed). (Forum US)

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